Saturday 16 February 2013

Dear Colleagues & Students, 

With great pleasure we invite you to SANCON 2013 to be held on 29th & 30th March 2013. Anaesthesia machines and monitoring equipments form the hands and eyes of an anaesthesiologist. We are dependent on these machines to maintain the vital parameters of the patient. The knowledge about their working needs enhancement in this dynamic environment to provide better patient safety & comfort. At SANCON, the focus is the Study, Design and Use of Equipments by Anesthesiologists. It’s an endeavor towards integrating the textbook and technological advances to suit the day to day Anaesthetic practices.


SANCON aims to be a forum where experts in the field of Anaesthesia meet and impart their knowledge to the young minds and inspire them to look upon their roles as anaesthesiologists with pride and responsibility. With experts coming from all over the country, the conference will be a treasure house of knowledge for students to expand their horizons. At this conference, the objective is to demystify the physics and allow the students and practitioners to develop confidence in the use of these vital equipments. With didactic lectures, presentations, panel discussions, quiz competitions and workshops, the conference will be interesting for the participants and it will be rich academic feast.
In keeping with philosophy of SSSIHMS, no fee will be charged from any participants for the conference. We are looking forward for your participation to make it a memorable experience for all.

Organizing Committee:

Dr Kolli S Chalam,
Organizing Chairman & HOD, Dept of Anaesthesiology & CCM

Dr Aurita Kamat,
Senior Consultant

Dr Sunil Chhajwani,
Addl Senior Consultant

Dr Pankaj Punetha,
Organizing Secretary & Consultant

Dr Thanga Prabhu A,
Clinical Director, GE Healthcare-India

Mr Karthik Viswanath,
Manager, Dept of Anaesthesiology & CCM